NRO NC Elections

An election to fill one seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) will take place during RIPE 89. The duration of the term is 3 years, starting in January 2025 and ending in December 2027.

The NRO NC election process is detailed in ripe-813, including criteria for both candidate and voter eligibility.

Call for Nomations

The call for nominations is not yet open. The call will be issued around mid-to-late August.

Voter Eligibility

All members of the RIPE community who are checked in to attend the RIPE 89 Meeting, except Regional Internet Registry (RIR) staff members, may vote in the election provided:

  • You have registered to attend RIPE 89 and selected the option to register to vote available in the RIPE Meeting registration form
  • You must have attended at least one RIPE Meeting out of the previous eight RIPE Meetings (online or onsite).
  • You must be checked-in by the time voting registration closes in order to be eligible to vote. All checked-in attendees have a green tick mark next to their names on the attendee list.

Online attendees: You must register to vote and check in virtually for RIPE 89 via your registration page, using your unique link received in the RIPE Meeting registration confirmation email.

Onsite attendees: Please contact the Registration desk if you would like to vote in the NRO NC election and you did not select the option to vote when registering for RIPE 89. Check in opens the day before the RIPE Meeting.

The voting for this election will be conducted electronically. Each eligible voter will have one vote. The nominee with the most votes will be elected.

All votes cast during the NRO NC election are completely anonymous.